Next-Generation Firewall Services

Juniper offers additional security to combat known and unknown threats, including application identification, user identification, protection from network and application exploits, malware detection and prevention, Encrypted Traffic Insights, and URL filtering including blocking malicious websites.

Visibility, intelligence, and enforcement are fundamental pieces of a threat-aware network

As distributed workforces become more prevalent, securing the network edge is more critical than ever to ensure users can access the data and applications they need when they need them.

In securing your distributed workforce, cloud-delivered security is not enough. You must start by putting employees first, allowing them to securely access the data and applications they need to do their jobs effectively, and helping you streamline yours. Unbroken visibility from client to workload, security assurance, and a single policy framework are essential tools to help secure your remote workforce.

Access should not increase the organization's risk. Additional security is needed to combat the increasing number of threats organizations face while maintaining user access to new applications on different devices. Juniper Networks® SRX Series Firewalls deliver integrated next-generation firewall (NGFW) protection services with application awareness, user identity, and content inspection for all physical, virtual, containerized, and as-a-service deployments. In addition, the SRX Series firewalls offer intrusion prevention, SSL inspection, anti-spam, anti-virus, URL filtering, and unknown threat detection, providing a single security platform that addresses a range of security requirements from a common architecture.

Next-Generation Firewall Services

Organizations are in an arms race with cyber criminals, who constantly develop new exploits that evade detection and compromise defenses. Security solutions that stay ahead of this continual escalation are crucial to protecting your employees, data, infrastructure, and survival.

Juniper Next-Generation Firewall Services provide an array of cyber defenses that work together to reduce your attack surface. With the SRX Series Firewall and Juniper Secure Edge at their foundation, NGFW Services deliver integrated threat prevention, application awareness, user identity services, and content inspection with high-performance throughput and scalability.

Key Features

  • Identify high-risk applications and take preventive action to protect them
  • Guard against network-level exploits
  • Block known and zero-day malware at line rate for the entire attack lifecycle
  • Leverage AI to identify threats quickly and mitigate them
  • Control web browsing and block malicious websites using robust URL filtering
  • Prevent unauthorized use with user-based access control policies and segmentation
  • Extend security policies to remote users with Juniper Secure Edge or Juniper Secure Connect remote-access VPN, regardless of port, protocol, or encryption method used

If you are looking for a more secure and efficient way to protect your network, then you should consider using an NGFW service.